Apple iPod touch 32 GB (1st Generation) OLD MODEL

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (1st Generation) OLD MODEL
From Apple Computer

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2413 in Consumer Electronics
  • Size: 32 GB
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: MB376LL/A
  • Dimensions: .26 pounds


  • This player is the iPod touch, not the Apple iPhone
  • Upgrade your player with the iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch via iTunes for an additional fee
  • 32 GB flash memory stores up to 7,000 songs, 40 hours of video, or 25,000 photos; includes five software applications: e-mail, maps, weather, stocks, and notes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability allows direct access to the Internet via Safari, YouTube videos, and the iTunes wireless store
  • Includes earphones, USB 2.0 cable, universal dock adapter, polishing cloth, iPod touch stand, and quick start guide; 1-year limited warranty; 90-day single incident phone support

Editorial Reviews Product Description iPod touch has always been an amazing iPod. With great new applications, now iPod touch is even better. Watch a movie you rented from iTunes. View rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline. Open PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel attachments. With Maps, find your location and get directions from there. See where you are on a map, a satellite image, or a combination of both. Make Web Clips for your Home screen so you can visit your favorite websites in just one tap. Fill up to nine Home screen pages with Web Clips and arrange them however you like. Browse YouTube videos, follow your stocks, check the weather, and take notes. With the new iPod touch, tap into even more.
Glide through albums with the iPod touch's amazing Cover Flow technology. View iPod touch dimensions.
Browse the Web with the included Safari browser. Or fire up a YouTube video and enjoy the show.
The iPod touch responds to your movements; turn it sideways and your video is presented in widescreen mode.
Incredibly thin at just 8 millimeters.
The mail application lets you view rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline, as well as PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel attachments.
Rearrange the icons on your Home screen. Even change the Dock.
Mark specific locations, find the best route between them, and search for points of interest along the way with Maps.
Music, Movies, and More Flick through album covers and find your music. Download and watch your favorite movies, rentals, TV shows, and more from the iTunes Store. Tap into thousands of photos. All using incredible multi-touch technology on a beautiful 3.5-inch display. Music If a picture says a thousand words, think of what all the album art in your collection might say. With Cover Flow on iPod touch, flick through your music to find the album you want to hear. When you do, just tap the cover to flip it over and display a track list. Another tap starts the music. Even view the lyrics while you're listening to the track. Video The 3.5-inch display gives you video like you've never seen on a portable device. Watch your favorite movie or rental from the iTunes Store. Catch up on TV shows anywhere. Enjoy video podcasts. Play music videos. All using multi-touch technology. With a tap, bring up onscreen controls to play/pause and view by chapter. Turn your iPod touch to switch between widescreen or full screen. Photos iPod touch holds up to 25,000 photos you sync via iTunes. Flick to scroll through thumbnails. Tap to view full screen. Rotate for landscape format. Or perform some sleight of hand by opening two fingers to zoom in. You can even play slideshows, complete with music and transitions. Set any photo as your wallpaper to personalize your iPod touch . . . with a touch. iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store With iPod touch, discover new music anywhere. Its built-in wireless capability gives you access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, where you can buy songs with a tap. Browse New Releases, What's Hot, Genres, and Top 10 songs. Or find exactly what you're looking for with a quick search. Tap a song to preview it, tap Buy to purchase it. Even redeem your iTunes gift cards and gift certificates. All from anywhere you happen to be. Starbucks Music You walk into a Starbucks. Order your latte. While you wait, you hear a song wafting from the loudspeakers. You love it. So you get out your iPod touch and buy it over Wi-Fi. Just like that. The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPod touch tells you what's playing in select Starbucks and lets you buy it along with other featured Starbucks content. So you can sip, shop, and listen. Home Screen Make the iPod touch Home screen your own. Change what's in the Dock. Rearrange the icons. And make room for even more. You can add up to eight Home screen pages and fill them with Web Clips. Internet Surf the web. Send email. Get directions and find your location with Maps. Check stocks, weather, and more. iPod touch is not just an amazing iPod. It's the Internet in your pocket. Safari iPod touch is the only iPod with wireless access to the web. Safari is built in, so you see websites the way they were designed to be seen. Search the web using the touchscreen keyboard. Zoom in and out by tapping the multi-touch display. Switch between portrait or landscape view, depending on how you hold your iPod touch. Sync your bookmarks. Better yet, add them to your Home screen. iPod touch can automatically create a Web Clip on your Home screen from any of your favorite websites. So just one tap takes you directly there. YouTube Got a bit of a YouTube addiction? iPod touch feeds it from anywhere with a special YouTube player built right in. Watch featured videos, check out the most viewed, search for something specific, then bookmark your favorites for future reference. It's all the fun of YouTube--pocket-size. Mail iPod touch is the first iPod with Mail. And it's the best email you've ever seen on a handheld device. This mail application lets you view rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline, as well as PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel attachments. Maps Get directions and check traffic with Google Maps. Even find yourself, wherever you are. Using some local Wi-Fi networks (if Wi-Fi is turned on), iPod touch finds your approximate location and gives directions from there. Mark specific locations, find the best route between them, and search for points of interest along the way. With a hybrid map and satellite view, you can see major street names on top of satellite images. Widgets Widgets are small, incredibly handy applications you can use every day. Three of the most useful widgets now live front and center on your Home screen:
Weather Get a five-day weather forecast, including highs and lows, for cities around the world. Save your favorite locations so you can check the weather anytime. Notes Take notes, make a to-do list, or jot down a reminder using the easy-to-use touch keypad. Then save or email them. Stocks Check your stocks and track the market over one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, one year, or two years.
High Technology iPod touch features the same revolutionary interface as iPhone, the most advanced software ever engineered, and state-of-the-art technology. With the multi-touch display, you can control everything using only your fingers. If you rotate your iPod touch from portrait to landscape, the accelerometer automatically changes the way the content is displayed. And with wireless technology, you can connect to the Internet from any Wi-Fi network, anywhere you are. Multi-touch iPod touch features the same revolutionary interface as iPhone. Built to take full advantage of the large 3.5-inch display, the multi-touch interface lets you control everything using only your fingers. So you can glide through albums with Cover Flow, flick through photos and enlarge them with a pinch, or zoom in and out on a section of a web page. And iPod touch features a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard perfect for browsing the web in Safari, getting directions on a map, searching for videos on YouTube, finding music on the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, or adding new contacts. Ambient Light Sensor The iPod touch display has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to suit the ambient light in your surroundings. The result? A better experience for you and battery-saving efficiency for iPod touch. Wireless Connect to the Internet anywhere there's a Wi-Fi network. Send email from a coffee shop. Surf the web at the airport. Browse, buy, and download music from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at select Starbucks locations or other wireless hot spots in your area. iPod touch finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet. Accelerometer An accelerometer detects when you rotate iPod touch from portrait to landscape, then automatically changes the contents of the display, so you immediately see the entire width of a web page, your music in Cover Flow, or a photo in its proper aspect ratio. Read Kindle Books on the iPod touch
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Shop for Books on the Kindle Store on Your iPod touch
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  • Search and browse more than 275,000 books, including more than 107 of 112 New York Times bestsellers.
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  • Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not currently available on the iPod touch or iPhone.
What's in the Box 32 GB iPod touch, earphones, USB 2.0 cable, dock adapter, polishing cloth, stand, quick start guide.

Customer Reviews

Apple's iPod Touch - Updated and Enlarged! Test Drive it Today!!!!4 Apple iPod touch 32 GB Apple's 32 GB iPod Touch has finally given the mobile device market a media player with a great combination of quality, features and capacity. Of course it arrived shortly after I was given the 16 GB iPod Touch that I had put off buying for so long. Still, the extra capacity gives this unit the last piece of the puzzle it needed to be a must-have item for me. The awesome video, sleek thin body and web capability make it stand out despite a high price and some missing features. Pros + Great design with a sleek thin body!!! + Beautiful 320x480 pixel wide-screen provides pleasing video viewing + Turn to the side to view video using the full wide screen width + Orientation detection changes view to landscape mode automatically when turning iPod! + Enough capacity to finally be worth replacing some of your disk-based players in earnest + Brighter screen with great contrast and crisp sharp images + Wireless access via 802.11 b/g compliant antenna (hopefully `n' will come soon) + Wireless searching and video on mode can be disabled to extend battery life + Great interface for Safari web browsing with easy Wifi hotspot setup + Headphone jack compatible with standard phones, unlike iPhone + New apps work great and give you stocks, maps, email, notes and weather + Supports both NTSC and PAL video out + Very nice size of 32GB stores good amount of video + Works with some legacy iPod accessories (except standard A/V cable and some docks) + Diminishing price tag in terms of $ per GB of space + Unlike iPod classic, all flash memory means less failures and breakage + Flash memory also awesome for running / working out, though I use my nano for that ;-) + Coverflow actually works nicely on the Touch, much better than on the iPod nano + Slightly better sound quality than 2nd generation iPods + So far seems to have lower error rate than other iPods + Apple reputation is highly deserved + Plenty of free video and audio teaser content available on iTunes + Easy access to iTunes right from your device over your local wireless internet! + Apple SDK being made available which means more apps are on the way! Cons - Touch design is almost too minimal without hold button or easy volume adjustment - Very difficult to adjust or use without looking at it; some earbuds include controls that help - Screen requires "real touch," bad for those of us in cold weather cities - Data port seems more cramped than other models and difficult to seat on many dock ports - The headphone jack is strangely placed right next to the data port; ok for landscape mode, awkward in portrait mode - Not backwards compatible with legacy docks and cables; Universal dock now required for video out - Battery life still shorter than other iPods due to WiFi and video power needs - No expandability or SD card slot like Sansa View or Creative Zen - iTunes software with limited native formats (MP3, MPEG4, AAC) and high overhead - Some poor interface designs, such as volume control only available when upright - PDA functions such as calendar syncing and contact management still need work - Playlist and music groupings are lacking and need many improvements - Still lacking some features such as built-in FM radio & voice recorder - Missing Zune features such as the ability to share songs with other iPod Touch units - No Bluetooth for peripherals and accessories - No wireless synching or wireless access to iTunes WLAN libraries - No WiFi viewing of live iTunes PodCasts - Still no local viewing of PDF or other common document formats - No mode to use as disk storage?!?! - Roughly 2GB of space taken up with iPod software alone!!!! - STRANGE Apple business practices - ie, charging for software features included with the iPhone???? - While the cost is slowly coming down, still quite expensive in total $ terms Looks and Design Aesthetics and design have always been Apple's greatest strengths, along with Steve Jobs' marketing savvy. The iPod Touch is solid but light. It has a longer body than either the latest iPod nano Apple 8 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Black (3rd Generation) or the iPod Classic Apple 80 GB iPod classic (Black). Yet it's slightly shorter than the iPhone. It's nice and thin, though not as thin as the new Nano. The big 320x480 pixel wide-screen is simply gorgeous, and the instant landscape mode combined with high quality video resolution makes this the first truly beautiful mobile video player. The old Creative Vision W Creative Zen Vision W 60 GB Widescreen Multimedia Player (Black) had a lovely display, but was MUCH thicker. The Touch blows everything else away in terms of looks and design. The metal back common to most iPods still attracts fingerprints, but you will be too busy staring at the screen to notice them. The screen too attracts smudges. I've heard it's almost impossible to scratch it, but I still bought screen and body protectors before I ever touched it. Apple did away with the hold button and the click-wheel. While I really love the touch interface, it's impossible to change tracks or volume without looking at the player, an awkward trait. Get a nice pair of headphones with integrated controls and you won't notice the omission as much. Sound and Video Sound quality is slightly improved from previous models. The included headphones are the same as other models. I actually think the included phones are fine in terms of sound, but not so much in terms of comfort. Upgrade your phones only after doing a lot of research. For the Touch, having phones with volume control and additional buttons is a huge plus. This guy really showcases video, but the sound is still very good and improving with the last few models. I expect this trend to continue. Most video encoding is done at very high bitrates, which has the added benefit of better sound. Use the highest quality bit-rate you can stand if sound quality is your primary desire. As for me, I have been through frequent hardware upgrades to add more disk space and finally try to collect all my music and videos in one place. Features The features in the iPod Touch were in development for 3-4 years. I was one of those who read the rumor mills daily waiting for all those features to come out in one bang. Well they didn't. The first Touch seemed to artificially remove some features already available in the iPhone, which was very disappointing. Now with the software update, at least a few of those things have been added back in. It really sucks that they charged 16GB early adopters for those features, but luckily they are included with the 32GB iPod Touch. The main improvement is of course the increased capacity. That feature alone was long overdue and far outweighs most of the cons the player still has. Even though you can't load a lot of video at once, you can finally load enough to satisfy even demanding users. This is a huge plus over the 16GB model, which is available with or without updates. Apple iPod touch 16 GB without Software Updates The device's battery life is still shorter than one would want, but longer than the iPhone and more than adequate for an average day's usage. Users will notice their battery indicator going down, but probably won't get cut off before they get home. Apple's software is still a weakness with very limited direct control over your device library and few file options. No external disk function, no native WMA support? With key features disabled, such as use as an external hard drive, it makes you wonder. Hopefully some of these features will be added back into this device with time. Coverflow works MUCH better than on the iPod nano and actually helps when scrolling through your videos. Press your selection and the cover flips over to show you which tracks are available. It's still buggy and there are some UI features that are lacking. Elapsed time and track length aren't shown for podcasts, and volume adjustment only shows up in portrait mode for some reason. Still, hopefully some of these more intricate details will be added in a FREE patch as opposed to a fee update. The Safari web browser is THE killer feature of the Touch. Most of the other widgets, including the new ones, are stuff that you can get through the internet. The widgets added back to the Touch which are available on the iPhone just make some of those common functions quicker. Quick stock quotes, instant weather. Not bad. The video out signal options are a nice addition and can be set to either NTSC or PAL. This is great for those who travel or have some foreign hardware, like me. ;-) Finger-based scrolling is very intuitive and you will be navigating with ease in no time. I'm less happy with the virtual keyboard and I can't wait for an alternative to appear. I have to use it very seldom, so I can live with it. The 802.11b/g built-in WiFi antenna connects to most hotspots, though I hope wireless n will be included in the next version. The antenna works well, though with a seemingly limited range. You can turn off wireless scanning to save battery life. It would have been awesome to have Bluetooth for wireless headphones or other accessories. Some of those Zune-like features would also help, such as wireless syncing, music sharing or access to WiFi playlist libraries or live podcasts. Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player Black (2nd Generation) Even basic staples like a built-in FM radio tuner, voice recorder and an expansion slot are also missing. Both the Creative Zen Creative Zen 16 GB (Black), which is much thicker, and the Sansa View SanDisk Sansa View 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black), which is taller, have some of those added components built in. Newer Archos players has many of those players plus much greater format support Archos 705 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player (160 GB). Yet none of those players have the level of wireless internet capability that sets this unit apart. Even fans of competing players will agree that the iPod Touch more than makes up for missing features by utilizing the features it does have VERY VERY WELL. Conclusion Overall this device is an HUGE improvement. Apple's sleek design impresses once more. With time, hopefully the kinks and omissions will be worked out. Despite everything, it's very difficult not to give this player 5 stars. The good far outweighs the bad. Enjoy!!!! Best iPod (Until they made the 2nd Gen version!)5 I am a former owner of pretty much every iPod out there, except a few (never had a mini, and never bothered with the first-gen nano and it's scratches). I have owned the 8GB iPod Touch, and the 16GB iPod Touch, and I can attest that this new model with 32GB is technically not very different from the other models. However, it does benefit from being produced later in the iPod Touch's life, and therefore doesn't have some of the problems that hit me as an early adopter of the other two versions, like the infamous "negative blacks" issue. Nope, with this model, all the problems have been addressed, and what you get is the iPod Touch the way it was meant to be. For me, the 32GB was a must. The 8GB was too small for me. How can you have such a great screen and such a limited capacity to store movies? The 16GB was better, but I was still finding myself shifting songs around in various smart playlists in order to fit my 30GB music library on the iPod Touch along with my bookmarks, contacts, calendars, photos, and a few television shows and movies. It was always a struggle to make it all fit. Finally, the introduction of a 32GB model has solved all my problems. I can fit ALL my bookmarks, calendars, photos, television shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and quite a few movies on the 32GB iPod Touch, and I still have enough room for most of my music and some music videos. When the Software Development Kit goes out to third parties this month, and new programs start to appear for the iPod touch, I'll have sufficient space to be able to use them. A lot of reviewers approach the iPod Touch as if it's an iPhone that is "missing" some things. That's not entirely fair, because this IS an iPod. It functions well as an iPod, and does everything the iPod should do. It plays music well. It plays videos well. It stores a lot of media files in a small space. Look at this more as an iPod "plus" instead of as an iPhone "minus." You get Internet, Mail, Yahoo! Stocks, Yahoo! Weather, World Clock, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Notes, Yahoo! Maps, Contacts, iTunes, YouTube direct, Calculator, Photos, Music, Videos, and more. That's a lot to pack in an iPod! As with all products, the advertised amount of space is not the actual amount available. Formatted, with the software on the iPod Touch, you'll have about 30GB to use. Compare this to the 30GB iPod fifth generation, and you see what a bargain this is. Even compared to the current iPod Classic with 80GB, this is a pretty good deal, because the Classic isn't going to let you check your email, surf to your favorite web sites, or enter contacts or notes when you're on-the-go. Apple won't call this a PDA, but it essentially is one. This is the spiritual successor to the Newton, and it's better in every way. This is the PDA for people who aren't necessarily "businesspeople" but still want something akin to a pocket-sized computer. I think of it this way: For the price you can get a more full-featured Mac mini, which also runs OS X and can do more things with more programs (for now), but lacks a screen and input device, and isn't portable. Or you can get the 32GB iPod Touch, which does have a screen and a rather innovative input device, and does a lot of the things you'd probably do with your Mac mini every day. This is a Mac OS X computer in your pocket. Dig it! Now, I'll be fair and list a few of the negatives of this item. It's not *perfect* yet, but it's close. First of all, I really wish it had a built-in speaker. Nothing fancy, but just enough to listen to YouTube videos and Audiobooks on the go. It's a pain to get out headphones to use those features. I've solved the problem by using a portable mini-speaker. The shiny metal back scratches too easily. I don't know why Apple keeps using it, either. For the 2nd generation iPod nano, they went to a full-body brushed aluminum casing, and it was brilliant! It resisted scratches and was pretty sturdy. This generation, Apple has gone back to the shiny back that scratches like its made of frozen butter. They almost necessitate getting a case by doing this. Finally, since it's Wi-Fi and not EDGE, (it's not an iPhone!) you're limited in which applications you can use when you're out and about. For me it's not a problem; My town's pretty well wired. Those who live in the middle of nowhere, the country, the desert, or somewhere that Wi-Fi is not common may want to avoid the iPod Touch and just get the iPhone instead. You need EDGE if you don't have a lot of Wi-Fi around. Half of the features on this device REQUIRE having Wi-Fi. Aside from those things, this thing works as intended, and it does it with style and ease of use. I highly recommend it! I do suggest that if you're going to get this iPod, that you protect it with a decent case (I suggest the Elan Form, DLO Jam Jacket, or the DLO VideoShell) and a good screen protector (I suggest either Invisible Shield or Best Skins Ever). The screen is scratch-resistant, but the casing can get dinged up and you'd be best just covering the device with a little polycarbonate to make it less likely you'll have an ugly iPod in a few months of residing in your pocket. Personally, I think this is the best iPod ever... And as I said, I've had most of them! UPDATE 08/2008: With the addition of the App Store on iTunes, this iPod has become the best portable device I've ever owned. For those who don't want the added expense of an AT&T contract that comes with the iPhone, the iPod touch 32GB version is an awesome choice; More space than an iPhone, and no monthly fees, but access to the same software that makes the iPhone so useful. Now, even more than before, this is the 21st century sequel to Apple's Newton, and it's much, much better than the original Apple PDA. UPDATE 01/2009: I finally made the jump to the 2nd Generation iPod touch, and I have to say that it blows this one away. Apple made all the improvements that were needed: Built-in speaker, physical volume controls, lighter, thinner, and a hundred dollars cheaper, too! The built-in speaker alone makes this first-gen model sort of obsolete, in my opinion. If you're weighing your choices between grabbing an old model, or getting a 2G or later, I'd say pony up for the newer ones. Very nice.. but misses in a few key areas.3 Actual score: 3.5 I'll start off by saying that I've always been a big iPod fan and that this is my 4th to purchase. I'll try to keep comparisons minimal, but coming from owning previous models, that might be a bit tough. Last year I made the plunge and purchased an iPhone -- not really for the phone, but more to have the latest/greatest ipod and web browsing on the go. My biggest complaint with it was the low storage capacity (4GB or 8GB). The 16GB touch was tempting, but the 32GB model is what finally sold me. I might have been wrong, but I came in expecting a "32GB iphone.. without the phone." We've all heard the positives, so I'd like to go a bit into the negatives that I experienced. Right off the bat, I was a bit disappointed. While it does have some benefits (I prefer the black bezel on the front to the silver on the iphone, the headphone jack (now on the bottom opposed to the top) accepts standard headphones without an adapter, and the ipod touch is slightly thinner), there are a few drawbacks. The first drawback I noticed was that Apple switched materials used for the back of the device (it was a soft, scratch-free, almost matte-like back on the iPhone while it's a glossy aluminum on the ipod touch and scratches VERY easily). The next problem came in connecting it to a PC - my first try didn't go as planned as I received errors stating that the device driver could not be loaded (and therefore could not be recognized). This is a new higher-end PC purchased in February 2008, so to have this type of problem was upsetting (all other devices have run without problems). After troubleshooting, I ended up reformatting to solve the problem (which worked), so I won't deduct any points for that. I have had some trouble with the device crashing while in coverflow - too often to call it "bad luck", and the trouble has forced me to go into text-view when searching for music on the device. After loading the device, I finally get a chance to use it and immediately notice that something is "off" in the colors. Everything had a visible yellow tint to it (as if the color temperature was set incorrectly). This was very annoying as blacks appeared green, white appeared yellow, and people appeared gold. I tried to look past it, but compared to the iPhone screen (and even the 5G ipod), the difference was VERY noticeable and very distracting. I returned the iPod to amazon, only to experience the same issue. I took that one to the Apple Store and, again, same issue. I'm starting to believe that this is a problem with all 32GB models (as the 8 and 16GB ones I tested, looked fine). My 3.5 star review is assuming that this gets fixed in a future update (either by adjusting the temperature, or offering a way for the end-user to do so - apparently this was the case with earlier 16GB models). Next problem: Sorting The iPod touch is obviously designed for video. Using it for an audio-only player seems to kind of defeat the purpose of that great screen. Why, then, does all content appear in a single list with no way to sort (Podcasts, Movies, Music Videos, TV Shows) or even jump to specific areas? The way the Video application is designed is to provide one long list with Movies on top, TV shows next, followed by Music Videos and Video Podcasts at the bottom. The problem here is that I have 350 music videos that I have to scroll through each time to get to the Podcasts section. 2 more issues here are that (1) you must manually scroll down to the video of your choice - unlike Albums (and even "Contacts") that let you quick-jump to any letter by scrolling along the right side of the screen, and (2) there is no "Play All" option for videos - once one ends, it returns to the menu until you select another video. While this isn't a big deal for most situations, I use it for watching music videos and sometimes you'd like to just put it down and go through a playlist of videos. Audio lets you sort by: Playlists / Artists / Songs / Albums / Audiobooks / Compilations / Composers / Genres / Podcasts Why doesn't video let you even sort by Movie/Music Video/Podcasts/TV Shows? The Photo app is very nice for showing off your photos, but another missing function here is the Camera. I think that the iPhone camera would've been great to have on here, and it isn't a phone-specific feature that would be useless for ipod users. The Calendar function is useful - I don't have too much of a use for it so I didnt explore it much, but it is functional. The same goes for other apps like Weather, Stocks, etc.. Mail and Safari are by far my favorite apps, but since they require a wifi connection, I havent had much of a chance to use them (and instead use the iPhone on edge). If you have wifi access where you commonly travel, these are excellent programs. Youtube has gotten much better also (expanding the amount of videos available on the mobile version), maps is a perfect representation of Google Maps and the Calculator is just that. These applications are fantastic but also useless if you live in an area without many wifi hotspots. With that said, the mobile safari browser is the best mobile browser I've ever seen. The notes function is one of my most used, however, it doesnt allow you to sync your notes to it (at least on a PC). Very disappointing! The Clock application lets you view world clocks, set a timer, alarm or use it as a stopwatch (which brings me in to my next disappointment). The iPhone speakers have been removed, so to listen to any audio you must use headphones (this is usually used with videos/youtube when you want to show video to others or to multiple people.. disappointing that you cannot do this without either passing earphones around or buying an external speaker set). The noises are now replaced by bleeps and bloops (like you'd get from an old-school 8-bit gaming system). The design is very slick. However, I feel that they went for looks over functionality on this one. The touch has just 2 buttons: Power/Sleep and Home. This is nice for looks, but bad for ease of use. The iphone, while also minimal, at least had physical controls for volume on it. This is very important when the device is out of view -- one big use for my ipods has always been as a radio/cdplayer replacement for my car. In the past I've always been able to adjust volume or tracks by touch (either with a touchwheel or physical buttons like the shuffle), with the ipod touch (and iphone) I'm unable to adjust tracks without double tapping home and then physically looking at the screen to locate the 'next track' buttons. This also affects you if the ipod is in your pocket and you wish to change tracks. This is probably some sort of plan to get us to shell out another $50 for a remote control once they release one, but then again I might just be paranoid ;) On a serious note though, I am a bit disappointed in the AV cables for the iPod touch - they require all new cables (meaning 5G ones won't work here), cost $49.99 for either Component or Composite and max-out at 480i or 576i (not even progressive). Going back to the positives, unlike the iPhone which came with a dock for holding the device vertical, the iPod comes with a very small piece of plastic which is actually a stand for holding it vertical or horizontal - very compact and well thought out. The keyboard is great and the predictive text can be as well (although you will find some words that it INSISTS on changing to incorrect ones, which can really frustrate you), overall it's fantastic. My disappointment here comes from the fact that the device requires a physical touch (meaning no stylus or other devices), which then means massive fingerprints covering the screen. As expected, the device requires all content be converted and transferred through itunes - great if you have your content in that format, but if you just want to add some video files, you must convert them to the specifications that it understands (hopefully they allow 3rd party codecs with the 2.0 release, but again it's expected so I won't knock any points for it). The device has great file support, including office-type documents (through weblinks and email) but for whatever reason, does not like you transfer these documents to the device. Very disappointing here, and again a change I hope is made in 2.0. I also don't like the idea of charging for what should be considered "free software updates" - Sony has added fantastic features to the PSP for years, yet apple charges $20 for a few extras that are included free with the iPhone? If this becomes a trend, I see them holding back content and selling it to you later on (much like recent downloadable content on the videogame consoles) I know I seemed to go more into negatives in this review, but we've all read the positives (which I agree with, for the most part) and felt that some of these important negatives (important to me at least) should be mentioned. Overall I am satisfied with the device, but for the high price and disappointments, I can't give it a score much higher. Fix the software problems and screen tint and it's a solid 4.5 from me.