iLuv i177 Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPod (Black)

iLuv i177 Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPod (Black)
From iLuv

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: iLuv
  • Model: I177-BLK
  • Original language: English, French
  • Dimensions: 5.50" h x 12.50" w x 10.50" l, 5.50 pounds


  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G
  • Digital clock display with dual alarm function
  • High and low dimmer control
  • Sleep or wake to your iPod, AM/FM radio
  • Integrated universal dock for your iPod

Editorial Reviews Product Description When the iPod was first released, most viewed it as a personal music player for traveling, working out, or other "individual" activities. But that all changed when people started storing their entire music collections on their iPods and doing away with CDs entirely. Among the many product categories that emerged in the aftermath was the iPod-specific speaker system, which lets you listen to your entire iTunes library out loud but without sacrificing portability. The jWin I177BLK is the latest incarnation--a user-friendly, compact speaker system that looks somewhat like a clock radio (and functions like one, too), but stands ready to deliver deep, rich audio playback. The powered system is outfitted with a dock on the top surface that holds many iPod models. The dock not only grips the iPod in an easy-to-access location, making it a breeze to find specific songs or hit shuffle, but it also charges the iPod while in use. As a result, you can remove the iPod from the dock right before working out and it'll still be fully charged, even after playing through the speakers for an entire afternoon. Even better, the I177BLK isn't restricted to the iPod, as it also connects to other USB-equipped personal MP3 players. Households with several personal music players won't be left out of the playback loop. The system's audio performance is warmly satisfying thanks to jWin's Aura acoustic technology, which adds depth and clarity to the music reproduction. And even though the system is built for digital music files, it also includes a built-in clock, a dual alarm function, and an AM/FM _radio with PLL digital tuning technology. The radio makes the unit ideal for bedrooms, offices, and other locations where an alarm comes in handy. Listeners even have their choice of waking to the iPod, the radio, or a buzzer. Additional features include a user-friendly backlit LCD screen, a precision volume control that ensures a comfortable sound level, a remote control for maximum convenience, and an external loop antenna that improves the AM reception. The I177BLK, which comes in a sleek black housing that measures 11.25 by 3.12 by 6.75 inches (W x H x D), is backed by a one-year warranty on parts and labor. What's in the Box I177BLK speaker system, remote control, iPod adapters, external AM loop antenna, user's manual.

Customer Reviews

Overall a good buy4 ** Update June 11, 2009 ** I just wanted to correct an error below where I indicated that the iLuv wasn't properly charging my iPod. I don't know what was happening when I was trying it out but I really have had no problem across 2 different iPods with charging since I posted the review. Still can't think of any use for the remote however... :) ** End Update ** I picked up the black iLuv iPod speaker system after doing considerable research online. These reviews are pretty helpful so I thought I'd add my 2 cents worth so that you can know what you're getting. By and large the other reviews agree with my experience. The sound quality is very good for a small unit. You want to pick a playlist before you go to bed otherwise you get whatever is randomly selected from your library (I presume this is due to my election to shuffle all songs in my iPod settings). I don't have much use for the remote but it's nice that it's included and it works well when I *do* play with it. The unit has performed excellently since I purchased it two months ago but I'll make some observations: - the rotating volume and tuning dials are apparently supposed to continue the click wheel paradigm from the iPod, but they do so mechanically and are often a little awkward to use. - do NOT count on the unit properly charging your iPod. It *does* charge it somewhat so the iPod seems to me like it will run indefinitely while attached to the unit. But I've found that the iPod is not fully charged when I pull it off the iLuv. Fortunately, realizing this, I just make sure that I plug in my iPod when working out in my gym or I leave it attached to my computer until it *is* charged when I'm picking up my podcasts in the morning. This may just be my unit but it was a low point in my commute when my iPod battery ran out of steam that first time before I realized what was going on. I'm pretty rigorous about ensuring that it's charged before I leave the house. - I agree with others that the minimum volume for alarms needs to be lower. It would also be nice if the volume ramp-up time could be adjusted. The unit comes on and fades up to the pre-selected volume pretty quickly. - Finally the lights, that dimmest setting may seem dim in the middle of the day, but it's pretty overwhelming in an otherwise pitch-black room. A "Glow" setting or similar would be nice. As it is, when I want to know the time at night I hit the dimmer button to check the time, then hit it three more times to cycle the light through medium and high intensities and then to off again. None of the above items are showstoppers for me, just 'nits that you can either live with or can't. Knowing what I know now, I would purchase the iLuv again. It has most of the features I need and the price is reasonable. Great Item!! Better than the rest!5 I spent a lot of time deciding whether to buy an iluv, iboom, iblast, name it, I've condisered it. I went with the iluv because it had the most pro's over con's. Yes, the remote does not work very far away, but the display is great. It has 3 adjustable dimmers, plus a completly dark mode. Two seperate alarm settings, in case you have 2 people that need to wake at different times. The only thing I would change is that the display (time, date, radio station) is only viewable while the unit is plugged in. Even if you have the 2 double A batteries in the system, it will only stay lit while its plugged in. The instructions say the batteries are for storm back up. Also, the volume has to be at a minumun of 10 on the alarm. Its not to to loud, but I like to wake up to it a little bit quiter. No biggie. If you loose the remote (which is VERY tiny, probably the length of a middle finger and the thickness of a toothbrush) the function buttons are located on the unit, which is always a good thing. Other than these few and minor imperfections, it is a wonderful unit for the money and I would definatly recommend it. This one gets it right!5 I've been looking at the IH5 from Ihome for months. After reading reviews, I put off buying it hoping ihome or another company would improve on it. I looks like the makers of iluv looked at the reviews and took them to heart in designing the I177. Where the IH5's display could light up a room, the I177 has an adjustable display, including a completely dark setting. Where some complained that the IH5's wake volume was too loud, you can set the wake volume on the I177. Where the IH5's remote was optional, the I177's remote was included standard. The sound is very good for a clock radio. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this purchase and spent $25 less than what I would've spent on the IH5. Glad I waited. The only negative I noticed was that the ipod insert didn't fit my 5G ipod. In the manual, it mentions that this is subject to availability, which I've heard can take a while. Fortunately, the insert that came with my ipod fit perfectly. Problem solved. So for those waiting, you can order it from apple if iluv is backed up.